Magic Bullet 11 Piece Set – The Perfect Small Blender

Mini blenders are the new-in in the blender industry. These blenders are powerful and can easily chop any ingredient you throw in them. However, these blenders are small and can easily be move from one place to another. The main con of these blenders is that they are small and you can’t make large batches of recipes in it. The best mini blender in the market till date is Magic Bullet 11 Piece Small Blender. This blender is unique and powerful enough to blend anything. Today in this article we will give you the summarized description of this beautiful blender.

This unique blender was manufactured by Magic bullet Nutribullet. This blender has a 250W motor that sounds small but it can generate enough force to blend frozen ingredients, seeds, spices, and many more. The blender comes up with an 11 piece set with all the necessary items which any housechef would need. The blender comes up with a small container made from plastic free material which ensures non-toxicity in the recipes you made in it.

Moreover, the blender also comes up with a party mug in which you can easily pour your blended juices, and shakes. This mug has a comfortable lip ring to assist your lips. Also, it has the 10 second recipe book from which you can make multiple recipes easily in this blender.

The blades in this blender are made from stainless steel and are totally rust proof. These blades are sharp enough to blend every ingredients you throw on them. These blades combined with the motor becomes brutal to the ingredient and will blend them easily within 10 to 20 seconds. These blenders are fast as compare to other blenders and can easily run by simply pushing the jar downwards.

Moreover, you will get 2 different cups for blending. There is a tall cup for large batches of recipes and a small cup to blend spices, seed, or small batches of the recipes. The best thing about these cups are they came up with the lids by which you can easily pack your blended recipes in these cups. These lids are easily removable and you can easily take out your recipe sometimes later. These cups can be stored in your refrigerator without any hurdle.

Also, it contains the Flip-Top Go Lid which you can put on your mug to carry it with yourself. You can pour juices or milk shakes in your party cup and with the help you go-to lid you can take that cup with yourself in your journey from home to work, and can easily enjoy your juices.

The blender comes up with a 5 years warranty which ensures money safety of the user. You can claim for the warranty within 5 years of purchase date in case of any malfunction in the blender. The best things about these blenders are that they are a lot cheaper than the regular blenders and will only cost around $40.

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