Snoring is not only a problem but it can cause health problems for you as well.  A good night is necessary for your physical and mental health as well as it is also beneficial for your partner. There are different products available in the market to reduce snoring and are rated as successful options for snorers.  In this article, we will highlight the Airsnore Mouthpiece as the possible solution for your sleep.

If you want to determine you are snoring or not, you can use a smartphone or other recording device. Record yourself overnight and review the audio on the following day. If you share a room with your partner, you might have to sleep separately to isolate the source of snoring. There are some applications in the smartphone as well, that can provide you the results.  Snoring is not a good sign. It may lead to regular waking up during your sleep.

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The Airsnore mouthpiece is an effective remedy to snoring. The device is available with a boil-and-bite method to fit your mouth. To start your device, you will need to have the following:

  • The mouthpiece
  • The small red handle
  • A small bowl
  • Very hot water
  1. You will have to start by putting the handle in the front air hole of the device. It allows you to remove and avoid causing any unintentional indentations. Inserting the handle partially will allow enough to grab the front.
  1. Put your device into the bowl and add hot water. Allow the dip for fifteen to twenty seconds before removing your device.
  2. Put the device in your mouth and adjust it comfortably. Bite from down and use your fingers to adjust it around the front and sides to create a good set in your teeth and gums. When you feel a good impression, remove the device and run it under cold water to set it.
  3. Remove the handle when you are comfortable and here you go with your device.


Females have smaller jaws and the Airsnore mouthpiece fits very well in the smaller jaws as compared to other products available in the market.  If you have a large jaw, this Airsnore mouth might not fit in your mouth and hence it is perfect for people having smaller jaws.


Airsnore’s mouthpiece is the most comfortable anti-snoring device amongst its competitors. It takes a few days to get used to having it in your mouth. It never cause any soreness and could be attributed to the fact that it did not fit that tight in the mouth due to its small size. After the use of the device for a few days, you should find it to feel quite comfortable and natural.


Airsnore is a great solution for female snoroers or people with smaller jaws.  You can customize the device as much as necessary due to the food-grade thermoplastic constructions.  The device can be used with missing teeth in many cases and it works well for mouth breathers.

The Airsnore anti-snoring device increases energy in the morning due to better sleep and is available with a great money-back guarantee.

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